Integrate Recording Controls of AQM to Finesse Desktop

Embed Pause and Resume recording buttons to Cisco Finesse Desktop (AQM required)

Hi buddies,

It’s been long since I last dropped a blog post. I was busy with several projects (always in UC field). One of them included adding Recording Controls to a UCCX deployment along with Advanced Quality Management (AQM, QM, Unified Workforce Optimization, WFO or Calabrio Recording…)

In fact, the Recording Controls are a very important feature, especially for Contact Centers running banking/payment/credit cards activities. No credit card information should be recorded and held on AQM. And it’s a requirement for PCI-DSS. Agents must pause recording during the payment process by phone and then resume the recording afterwards.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t take any screenshots of the configuration. However, I took some notes about some tricks while implementing the Recording Controls. So, the following is not replacing at any way the QM Installation, Integration or Cisco Finesse Administration guides.

Here are my notes on it, in case you find something useful in it.

1- Make a copy of C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM\Jetty\work\cone_


2- Edit RecordingControls.xml in order de put the IP address de AQM and verify PeripheralID in QMAdmin (users x.teamyy), if the platform is based on UCCX, put periphid=2

3- Reset 3rdpartygadget password in both UCCX-PUB et -SUB via utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password

4- With WinSCP connect to each UCCX (PUB et SUB) and create a folder recordingcontrols

5- Upload the content of the gadget (copied in step 1 and edited in step 2)

6- If you have difficulties uploading the file « finesse-10.0.1.js », create an empty file via WinSCP then copy-paste the text content of finesse-10.0.1.js file

7- Go to sur Finesse Admin, create two Actions: QM Record Start et QM Meta Data

HTTP Request, Finesse Desktop, POST, Other, text/json,

The first is “Record Start”, and the parameters are:

– URL: http://AQM_IP_Address/recordingcontrols/rest/start

– Body : { “peripheral_id”: “2”, “sender_id”: “${loginId}” }

The second is “Meta Data”, and the parameters are:

– URL: http:// AQM_IP_Address /recordingcontrols/rest/metadata

– Body : {

“peripheral_id”: “2”,

“sender_id”: “{loginId}”,

“metadata”: {

“account” : “${callVariable1}”




8- Add Workflow with the parameters

When to perform Actions: When a call is answered

If all conditions are met

then add the two actions under Workflow

9- Go to the Team for which we will add the Recording Controls, then apply the added workflow in step 9.

10- In the desktop layout of the Team, add the following line : <gadget>/3rdpartygadget/files/RecordingControls/RecordingControls.xml</gadget> in the place of










11- Go to QM Admin, Enterprise > Interface Configuration > Role permissions and don’t keep anything but the buttons “Pause” and “Resume”.

12- Test


I may add screenshots if I find some spare time to reproduce the configuration.

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