Error activating Subscriber UCCX services

After installing a second UCCX node, the CCX services (CCX Config/Agent/Historical Datastore) fail to start.


nested exception is: Replication is not setup

Today, our UCCX subscriber (part of a 2-node cluster running 9.0(2)) went down and we needed to replace it by fresh installing another UCCX subscriber in its place.

I removed the UCCX-SUB virtual machine and launched a reinstall , but I faced an error in the “Network Connectivity Validation” step stating a problem with UCCX-PUB (it throws an error about a firewall issue, where both machines are on the same VLAN lol, anyway).

So I planned a maintenance window the same night in order to restart the UCCX Publisher node. (in fact, after removing a node in the cluster in order to readd it, the publisher needs to get restarted)

So I deleted first the UCCX-SUB virtual machine, then removed the instance of UCCX-SUB on the Publisher from the menu System > Server.

When UCCX-PUB is back online, I readded UCCX-SUB in the same menu System > Server.

I launched the reinstall and everything went smoothly.


To re-establish the replication between the Publisher and the Subscriber, we need to login to UCCX-SUB AppAdmin in order to give some information which are : UCCX-PUB IP address, administrator username and password and the type of deployment (LAN or WAN).

Next, the wizard will start the UCCX services. However the service activation step failed stating :

Activation failed – Activated
Component Controller CRS Agent Datastore on node 2 : Enable; nested exception is: Replication is not setup. Please setup replication and try activating the component.Number of nodes defined is 1


In fact, the problem is due to the UCCX replication not being setup. (I insist! UCCX replication, not the usual IDS database replication as in CUCM). The UCCX replication can be verified with the command “utils uccx dbreplication status” on the UCCX-SUB which will throw an error, whereas the usual command “utils dbreplication runtimestate” will show “2” good). We need to focus on UCCX Replication.

Also, the Config Datastore and Historical Datastore services activation throw the same errors.

The problem is because we need to do the following on UCCX Publisher side :

  1. reset the replication and
  2. Enable CDS and HDS

So go the UCCX Serviceability on UCCX-PUB, menu Tools > Datastore Control Center > Replication Servers.


Click “Reset Replication”, the step will take a couple of minutes (depending on the size of deployment). Following thing, click the “Enable CDS and HDS”. Wait for it to complete (nevermind if it will return back with the message “Timeout”, we will be running again the service activation step on UCCX-SUB and everything should work fine).

So, we get back to the UCCX-SUB AppAdmin web page, we login and input again the UCCX-PUB IP address, administrator username and password and the type of deployment (LAN or WAN), then click Next.

The services will be -hopefully- brought up and the you can go ahead to Next step which is a summary then your cluster is all good!

Of course, all this need to be done in offhours!

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