Hide participants in a WebEx Meeting

As a meeting host and in the WebEx meeting window, go to the menu Participants > Assign Privileges and untick View Participant List in the “Participants” tab.


I received a feature request from a customer who hasĀ a WebEx deployment.

He has a meeting with partners from other companies. The participants are competitors.
So the customer doesn’t want the participants to see each one others.

I wasn’t sure that this feature is available in Cisco WebEx, I google it and did not find relevant information, but while tweaking the WebEx Meeting menus I found that it’s possible to hide participants.

As the Meeting Host, go to the menu Participant then Assign Privileges.cwms-host

Go to the “Participants” tab. By default, the privilege View Participant List is assigned to all participants.


Untick that checkbox and validate by clicking “Assign”.

This way the Participants List panel is removed and unavailable for meeting attendees.

Of course, do this before the meeting begins in order that the participants don’t see the other ones when joining the meeting.

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