Corporate directory for 7800/8800 IP phones on CME “Host not found”

Last week, I was deploying a new CME with some 7821 IP phones with some 8861 IP phones for the executivess.

However, I faced a problem regarding the corporate directory on those new SIP IP phones.

Phones were stating “Host not found”.

I searched around forums and blogs but didn’t find anything helpful.

As soon as I added the following three commands, the corporate directory worked.

CME(config)#ip http server


CME(config-telephony-service)#url directories http://CME-IP-Address/localdirectory

Following this, the Corporate directory worked like a charm! Yes it doesn’t mean anything to use “telephony-service” which is supposed to be used in case we have Skinny phones. Well not.

Don’t forget to save your config! “wr” 😉


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