t38modem Windows binary HERE!! (+ Signed com0com drivers)

Today I’m giving you a very precious bounty.

Many people may already have t38modem windows binary but I really really struggled to get it. It’s like a rare material to find. All my compilation attempts of the project were big fails (VC++ 2005 and cross compilation and I don’t know what else… a nightmare!)

But when I found the t38modem binary, I thought everything is great. I went ahead but when I wanted to also use com0com, I realized that Windows doesn’t accept anymore unsigned  drivers. So com0com has to be signed. Some kind human being made that available for download.

So I bundled this and kept it in safe.
Don’t ask me for a specific version of t38modem, it’s version 1.1.0 it’s all what I have, nevermind for bugs etc. I’m sharing this as best effort.

It’s a full working FoIP windows binaries including t38modem and com0com.

You can use it for example with the built-in Windows Fax & Scan role in all Windows versions.

In my case, I also used a cron job on the Windows Server so that the .bat batch file (running t38modem with the relevant parameters) would run as soon as the machine comes up.


The file name is : t38modem&com0com.zip

Download it here from 4shared.

Its MD5 hash is : 0dcb573daeb1a9d924a6243f11f3b1fa


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