UCCX Agent reporting outage frenzy

CUIC and HRC don’t generate Agent reports


Monday, september 12 2016. Yes we all love mondays very much hein!!

My phone rang from 3 different customers.

“Hello! We have a problem on CUIC reports! We can’t generate reports!!”

“Good morning! We are unable to generate our daily Agent Summary report! We can’t count the working hours of our employees! We need this for calculating wages”

“Hello, when I try to generate an Agent Report on Historical Reporting Client, we get an error, I sent it to you by email, check it out :
Nested SQLException; SQLState: IX000 Vendor code: -1265 Message: Overflow occurred on a datetime or interval operation. ”

Well the statements above are sorted from worst to best customer (I’m sure you understand why when you read the 3 different problem descriptions). We all have a customer that doesn’t give any further information about incidents!!! Just “we have a problem, come onsite”, as dry as that.

(Please if you are customer be like the 3rd and not 1st one)


Anyway, the problem is general and covers all versions from 8.x to latest 11.x

One Cisco developer has been coding UCCX Reporting anyhow and declared the date variable in a horrible manner. As a result all CCX deployments suffered that 12 Sep from an outage in Agent Reports. In the Bug Search toolkit, I have seen the number of cases is around 425 after only two days, good luck TAC people!

Luckily Cisco published a bug fix called ciscouccx.ReportFix.cop.sgn and it immediately solves the issue. No restart/reboot of services/server is needed. Don’t forget to install it on both nodes not the Publisher only.
You can download the COP file from this supportforums topic.

Otherwise, contact TAC so they send it to you (hey! You don’t like what I said YOU who refuses to renew Service Contrat! Haha. This time it’s OK there’s a COP file, tomorrow who say what happens ? Long life to Cisco Products.)



EDIT : The COP file is no longer shared in the supportforums. You have to download it directly from Cisco and yes, you need a valid support contract to do so.

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