Hello World!

Aloha from Tunisia!


Gonna present myself. I’m a Voice & Unified Communications consultant and I’m from Tunisia (the country whose flag is like Turkey’s one). This is my very first post.

I have been working for 4 years so far with Cisco UC technologies with liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit of Lync/SfB. No, I didn’t choose my job. It’s the last thing I thought of when graduating. Working on “Voice & UC”, Wat!! Sorry man I don’t understand Chinese.
In fact, I didn’t even hear about this technology before I actually began work. Yet I’m loving it.

My feelings about my work ? A rollercoaster of obsession and happiness!
You guess that, all depends on how things are turning on customers’ site.

Today, I have decided more than ever before to write a blog (yes, I thought about it since long time but now enough!!) and OK let it be “Yet Another Unified Comm blog”. At least I won’t hide my obsessions (ahh Bugs!!) and then happiness of finding the solution.

Good reading and thank you for your visit.

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